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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Saddlebronc Girl" Cowgirl Profile: Kaila Mussell

Photos Courtesy of Bernie Hudyma 

Pioneer bronc peeler Kaila Mussell is the first and only woman to have a pro card in saddle bronc riding and make the Indian National Finals Rodeo.  But she doesn't ride to promote "girl power".  She does it because she is passionate about the sport.  

When I heard about Kaila, my interest was piqued and I knew she would be a great addition to the blog.  I try to find women who are unique leaders, successful cowgirls, and role models to young women.  Her career could be just the inspiration you need to do something nobody has ever done before.

Kaila also excels outside the arena.  She has a personal training business called Kai-Fit and helps people achieve their fitness goals.

CV:  What's the greatest opportunity being a woman bronc rider has opened up for you?

KM:  Being a good role model to others. Claim to fame status – the Reba McEntire video, More recently Ian Tyson writing a song especially about me - “saddlebronc girl”.

CV:  How do the guys in the sport treat you? (Especially after they've been beat by a girl)

KM:  I dont really like the last comment in brackets, I try not to promote “girl power”, I believe we are all equals.  Overall the guys treat me really well.  Cowboy mentality I have found is such that if you earn their respect by being serious and good at what you do, then you will be accepted.

CV:  What did your parents think when you told them you were going to get your PRCA Permit?

KM:  They took it in stride...I had already ridden broncs for a few years and knew that I would be determined in whatever I chose to do. I was raised for the most part with few limitations in what I believed I could do.

CV:  You placed at your first rodeo in 2002, 4th at Prineville, OR. Tell us about that day and how you felt

KM:  That was a very long time ago to remember exactly, but very excited, a really awesome accomplishment to place at my first-ever pro rodeo. Even cooler to fill my pro card and become the first Professional female saddle bronc rider in the history of pro rodeo.

CV:  Was it fun being in a Reba Mcentire music video?

KM:  Yes it was really cool, however I was a bit disappointed that I didnt get to actually meet her, she had to work on her sitcom that day. Honored to be featured in the video.

CV:   Walk us through a bronc ride for you- from getting ready to after you're done.

KM:  Here are the basics:

Arrive behind the chutes – take gear out of bag and unwrap saddle. Sit in saddle, make sure saddle strirrup length feels right. Find a halter from the stock contractor usually and put my bronc rein on it. Stretch/warmup before ride. Put chaps and vest just before, or during when the broncs are getting run into the chutes. When bronc is in the chute, I put the halter on the bronc and saddle. Measure an 
mark the bronc rein. Then just wait until its your turn, usually keep moving, warm up. A couple bronc riders before I go, unless I'm the gunner, I tighten the saddle up, and pull the back cinch just before its my turn. Grab the rein, ease down into the saddle, put my feet in the stirrups and sit deep in the saddle, lean back and nod my head. Chute opens, mark the bronc out and then go to work riding. When whistle goes (if still in the saddle), double grab, and then wait for the pickup man to ride in and dismount. Walk back to chutes and wait for my score.

CV:  Give us some tips on how to stay on if our saddle horses cut in half.

KM:  Stay relaxed as possible so you can move with the horse, squeeze with your knees, stay in the middle – and pull your horses head up or turn him around (you can do this with a saddle horse, you cannot with a bronc) want him to quit bucking unlike a bucking horse!

CV:  What is a good way for people to follow your travels and personal training business?

KM: for my schedule and Kai-Fit on Facebook!/pages/Kai-Fit/

Monday, February 4, 2013

Cowgirl Boudoir Bedroom Makeover

Ever felt like your furniture is blah? I have been feeling that way with my bedset. I'm a pretty impulsive person so I decided to remodel my bedroom today. Antiqued furniture is in right now, and ANYONE can do it! It is super easy. It doesn't matter if you are creative or not. Here is a step by step guide to weathering furniture:

-First, select your color and stain. Grab some sandpaper, a paintbrush, and a sponge. I chose turquoise, but I have seen barbie pink, canary yellow, maroon, and a deep purple look stellar too. If you want to try a really awesome look, grab two different colors.

-I wouldn't paint super expensive furniture. It's way more fun to go thrift shopping or garage saling and pick up pieces with potential. I used a bedset I bought used for $200. If you go to reclaimed storage unit sales you can score really cheap furniture.

-Paint your furniture using either a brush or sponge (the sponge is super fast and grabs those hard to reach spots). Let it dry.

-If you are double layering color you will now add your second layer of paint that is a different color. You can put lighter on top and darker on bottom or vice versa. Either way you do it will change the look. I did maroon on bottom and turquoise on top and it turned out great.

-After it's dry, grab your sandpaper and start sanding away the color around the edges and uneven parts of the wood. You can sand a lot and make it look ancient, or lightly sand like it just was freshly painted and worn a little. It's up to you and whatever your taste is! I did mine lightly sanded today.

- Finally, put a top coat of stain over the furniture. I picked a darker chocolate stain and it created a color with more depth. A clear gloss stain makes it look a little more whimsical.

VOILA! Super easy furniture facelift!!! See below for pics of my "Cowgirl Boudoir"