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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Entrepreneurship Craziness!

Hi Everyone!

  It has been a LONG time since I posted- sometimes life gets crazy and roping, work, and new endeavors take over.  I just wanted to let everyone know about the new business I have started.  I have always know I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  But the hard part was figuring out what kind of business to do.  I knew I wanted something online so I could travel and live a "gypsy" lifestyle of sorts.  Last winter I was trying a lot of different things.  I tried writing a Rodeo Queen E-Book.  I wasn't passionate enough about it to finish it.  I tried starting an online boutique.  I couldn't quite get past the beginning stages of dropship models and inventory.  I tried writing a grief book.  It just wasn't the right timing to write it and I just felt depressed trying to get through chapter one!  I started a western furniture business.  It was good but I didn't like the thought of lifting heavy stuff all the time and shipping ridiculously huge items. 

  No wonder my family, boyfriend, and friends were starting to think I was a complete flake.  I had started and quit so many different things.  I started to lose faith in myself and truly think I was losing my mind and COULDN'T FINISH ANYTHING! 

But one day I was riding at work and the idea hit me to start making some funny tshirts with roping and rodeo related sayings.  It started as an idea to go along with selling furniture.  But as the ideas started coming and I started getting a lot of positive response I realized this was the business I had been looking for all along!  Rank Rodeo Threads was born and I am happy to say our website went live today. 

  I can't believe how many times I tried different ideas and failed.  But it was all about pushing forward and keeping my mind open to something new.  It is so easy to get discouraged when trying to come up with a business and everytime something doesn't pan out you may feel like a failure or a flake.  But keep pushing!  Realize that once you find that killer idea, you should be willing to put years of effort without seeing a huge profit.  I fully commit myself to working my business for a few years before I expect it to do well- and guess what?  I am already seeing sales and interest.  I am in it for the long haul!  Because I know this is the right business for me and I'm passionate about it!  Check out for funny rodeo and roping inspired shirts!!!  Keep leaning into your dreams and make them happen:)