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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shitkickers & Swagger... join the Cowgirl/Urban Crossover!

Whether you are getting down and dirty on the ranch, or going out for a night on the town, you best be looking your best.  It's easy to get in the frump slump when you're in the day to day grind of fixing fence, roping, and riding, but western fashion should be fun!  There is a way to do it to look CLASSY and there is a way to look TRASHY and my what a fine line it is in between.  But the most important thing is to have fun.  I've always been fascinated by mixing city bohemian chic with a cowgirl edge.  I've also seen the roles reversed with high fashion lines like Ralph Lauren using western themes for their models.  One thing that I have always loved about cowgirls is that they can hack it with guys and still be dolled up.  Embrace being a woman! Go out there and cause a few minor car accidents!:)
Pinup cowgirls!  Used to put these pics all over my walls when I was younger... Yes they are scandalous, and someone would probably ask "How Much?" if you actually wore these outfits.  But they are fun and cute! 
Rockmount Western Wear:) Downtown Denver walking distance from yours truly!  I love retro blouses.  The key here is FITTED.  It costs fifteen bucks to get a seamstress to fit one on these to hug your every curve.  Nobody wants a hottie in a potato sack! I've noticed some retro shirts, like the ones Panhandle Slim makes, already come prefitted.  Add some swarovski crystals and you are ready to rock.

The off shoulder top- very in look right now.  Add some cowboy boots, chunky turquoise, and some Texas girl hair and you got it goin on.

For a while I just saw brides donning the boots.  Now the whole wedding party's gone western...

Corral boots are awesome!  I broke down and bought my first pair this summer.  Boots and dresses or cutoffs is a DO, but keep the fatbabys away.  They are evil! Dress boots are where its at.  Here I am in my black lizard inlay corral boots and a $13 dollar Forever 21 dress.  They rock because their clothes and accesories are CHEAP!  Style changes quickly and why waste money on it when there are horses and saddles and tack to buy. 

Chunky. Bright. Eye Catching.  If you're wearing some really flashy or large accessories, keep the clothing simple.  If the clothing is a statement in itself, I like long dangly necklaces.(Forever 21 carries some sweet ones for appx. 3-5 dollars)

Don't be selfish.  Share the spotlight with your steed!  Belt headstalls are coming in hot.  This is a custom one out of the Cinful Creations Collection.  I saw a lot of innovators making their own out of Ed Hardy and biker belts last winter.

:) :) :) Lesli

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