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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Be A Zen Cowgirl

I think Facebook has really allowed people to take a look into the minds of others. Most people are strongly controlled by outside forces and their posts reflect that in "they did this to me", or "they irritate/make me mad/are horrible people".

We will always remain angry and frustrated if we feel people are always wronging us. Other people aren't the problem. Our reaction to people is the biggest problem of all.

I know I love living my life around animals because they are always so loving/excited to see me/happy. That is because they live so deeply in the present. But as a human, I must deal with people too. We must realize if someone is a jackass to you (which is going to happen time after time after time) the only problem you will have is a poor reaction.

To react peacefully with a calm, understanding manner will make you happier. So when that dirty rotten son of a gun says something offensive and you feel those pangs of anger and disappointment don't act. Release your expectation of others, smile, realize humans aren't perfect, and be loving toward that person.

You will win in the end because people like that don't usually don't get a reaction like this.

Cowgirls are known for their tough "ain't gonna take no crap off no one" attitude. But I think it takes a stronger person to react like this. People can be mean and crazy- but all we can do is be happy and toss all your expectations of people out them window!

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